SSA#23 Atomic Sales Habits

Atomic Sales Habits:

Design your behavior for success.

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Today's newsletter is all about building the right sales habits in 2024.

If you want to crush your number, maximise your commission check and live a balanced live all at the same time...keep reading!👇


Why Should I Care About Habits?

Habits are the routine behaviors and actions we do on a daily basis. We do them almost on autopilot.

Here's why habits are crucial:

  1. Consistency: if we take the right actions every day we build momentum. We move the needle one day at at time towards our goals.
  2. Predictability: when we execute the right habits our results become predictable. They depend less on our mood, motivation or external factors.
  3. Efficiency: if we perform the same tasks every day, we get better at them. Over time it takes us less effort to achieve the same results.

In a nutshell: if you build strong sales habits you will become more consistent & better at selling. Your results will be more predictable. (Sounds like a no brainer to me...)


Why Do Most People Fail?

It's hard to build new habits.

  • 91% of New Year's Resolutions fail.
  • It takes 66 days on average to build a new habit.
  • It takes on average 30 attempts (!) to build a new habit.

When it comes to your sales success, these numbers are not acceptable. Your income, your career, your lifestyle depend on your ability to build strong habits.

Luckily, there are some strategies we can put into place to maximize your success rate.


Building Atomic Sales Habits

In his bestseller "Atomic Habits" James Clear outlines 4 strategies we can use to build strong habits.

Let's use the following example: your new 2024 sales habit is to do 50 cold calls a day. This will help you book more meetings, create more pipeline and close more deals. (You can use any other desired habit for this exercise, this is just an example).

1) The Law Of Cue: Make it obvious.

Humans are very visually driven animals. If we design our physical environment we can manipulate our own behavior. The 1st law tells us to create visual reminders to perform the desired habit.

Example: Make 50 cold calls a day

  • Block 2h every day in your calendar in a highlight color
  • Have your call list printed out and on your desk
  • Keep your desk clean & remove all distractions
  • Automatic phone reminder at 8AM to call


2) The Law Of Craving: Make it attractive.

If we hate something, chances are we won't be very good at it.

The 2nd law tells us to find enjoyment in the desired habit. One way to do that is to link it to other habits we already enjoy.

Example: Make 50 cold calls a day

  • Listen to your favorite music while making calls.
  • Drink your favorite hot beverage while calling.
  • Test new openers or rebuttals to keep it fun.


3) The Law of Response: Make it easy.

The 3rd law tells us to remove any friction, any obstacles between us and the desired habit. This will make it easier to stick to it.

Example:Make 50 cold calls a day

  • Have your call script & objection rebuttals pinned against the wall.
  • Use a Power Dialer or Sales Engagement Platform to call for you.
  • Have your calling list prepped the day before & ready to go.


4) The Law Of Reward: Make it fulfilling.

The 4th and final law says to associate positive feelings and reward with the desired habit. Psychologists call this Positive Reinforcement.

Example:Make 50 cold calls a day

  • Share every successful cold call with your team.
  • Ring the bell every time you book a meeting.
  • Use a Visual Progress Tracker for dopamine.


Call to action: Apply these 4 laws to establish a new sales habit in 2024.

Deep down you know exactly what you need to do.

Now it's time make this new habit consistent.


Do you need guidance, coaching and accountability to transform your own behaviours and achieve sales success in 2024?

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