SSA#22: SMART Sales Goals

How to actually achieve quota in 2024.

Happy Wednesday to 10,496 SaaS sales professionals!

2 weeks ago I sent a newsletter outlining my 4-step process to achieving my goals every year. This process has helped me 2x my net worth every year since 2018.

Today we will dive deeper into step 1: setting goals. Let's go👇


Are Goals Overrated?

It couldn't be further from the truth.

People who set goals are more successful, period. But why?

  1. Purpose: goals give us a clear direction in life. Without purpose, we tend to drift from one task to another, without accomplishing much.
  2. Motivation: goals give us energy and drive to stay focused and committed. They force us to stretch ourselves outside our comfort zone.
  3. Measurable Performance: goals and milestones help us assess our progress. They tell us if we are on track or not.
  4. Accountability: without goals, we are more likely to say "I'll do it tomorrow". We procrastinate.
  5. Improvement: goals help us identify the delta between where we are, and where we want to be. This helps us come up with strategies and tactics to close that gap.


Forget Annual Goals

The best Goal Setting System I have come across is the 12 Week Year (check out the book).

Most people set annual goals. But this system breaks down the year into short 12-week increments.

Here's why it works so well:

  1. Time compression: during the 12 weeks we operate with higher urgency and increased focus.
  2. Planning: we don't set lofty goals but actually write out a plan that drives daily actions to achieve them
  3. Lead measures: there's a greater emphasis on taking action and input metrics. This is how we stay focused on the process and detach from the outcomes.


How To Get Started

The 12 Week Year method follows 5 steps:

  1. Vision: draw a powerful vision of your dream life. How do you envision your finances, career, health, relationships, faith, contribution and personal growth in the future? Think both in 10 years (longterm) and 1-2 years (midterm).
  2. Goals: set a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time-bound) goal for the next 12 weeks. Make sure this is aligns with your life vision!
  3. Build a plan: write a list of all the tactics (activities, actions) you need to perform over the next 12 weeks to reach your goal. Divide them into one-off tasks as well as monthly, weekly & daily recurring actions.
  4. Measure execution: Check off completed tasks on a spreadsheet every day. If you can complete 80% or more of your plan activities, you're in good shape!
  5. Accountability: find an accountability partner who is on the same mission. Update each other once a week on your progress.

Trust me: if you follow this system, you are 10X more likely to reach your goals in 2024 - and beyond.


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