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How to leverage Cost Of Inaction to close deals.

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COI Is The New ROI

I remember the Golden Age Of SaaS from 2010-2020: the greatest bull market in history, VC money was plentiful, and companies had a lot of cash to spend.

Unfortunately, this age is over. We are now in a period of cost saving and tech stack consolidation. Companies are no longer looking for nice-to-haves. They only consider the absolute must-haves.

Therefore, ROI (return on investment) is no longer a strong decision criteria. CFOs don't want to spend $1 to make $2 more revenue - they don't have the $1 to spend in the first place.

So who's the new kid on the block? His name is COI (Cost Of Inaction). COI is the number 1 driver of deals in this economy.

We're going to take a closer look at COI, how to find it and how to leverage it to close deals successfully - despite the recession.


Step 1: Understand C-Level Objectives

The first step in every discovery call is to understand what's top of mind for the leadership team.

  • Are they trying to grow the team?
  • Are they trying to reach profitability?
  • Do they need to satisfy investor targets?

Whatever their number 1 objective is - your value proposition needs to align with that. Otherwise, game over before you even started.


Step 2: Find Risk

The 2nd step is to identify what could go wrong.

  • What are the challenges related to growing the team?
  • What puts reaching profitability at jeopardy?
  • What risks are out there to prevent them from hitting investor targets?

As soon as you find risk, latch onto it. This is your only chance of survival.


Step 3: Understand Present State

It's important to understand where the risk comes from.

  • Is it a tech-related issue?
  • Is it a process-related issue?
  • Is it a people-related issue?

Understanding root causes will tell you a great deal about solution fit, aka: are you well positioned to solve the problem in the first place?
(If not, walk away NOW.)


Step 4: Understand Future State

What would be the ideal situation for the prospect? Free of risk, free of problems, challenges and obstacles.

A direct result of comparing Present vs. Future State is Cost Of Inaction (COI). In other words, the opportunity cost of not making a decision.

I'll give you a quick (real-life) example of a one of my past customer conversations:

Me: John, thanks for taking the time today. What made you take the call?

John: Thanks, Christian. We need to improve the way we do forecasting. (Painful problem)

Me: How so? What’s wrong with the forecasting?

John: There’s a time delay in our forecast. This sometimes causes inaccurate forecasting (business impact)

Me: What causes the time delay?

John: We don’t see pipeline generation and revenue in real time. (Root cause). It’s my job to consolidate the numbers at the end of the month. It usually costs me a couple hours on a Friday, and sometimes I make mistakes (personal impact)

Me: Mind sharing how your team performed last month?

John: We fell 20% short of our pipeline generation target (business impact).

Me: What was your target?

John: 1 million USD.

Me: Do you know your average closing rate?

John: We usually close 25%.

Can you tell what the cost of inaction was for John's company if they did not fix their forecasting issue? 



$1M/month pipeline target * 20% shortcoming = $200k in missed pipeline/month

$200k missed pipeline * 25% closing rate = $50k in missed revenue/month

Cost of inaction: $600,000 p.a.


Yes, this is a simple example. The reality will often be more complex.

But this is how you need to think about COI: you literally need to attach a number to the problem.

This is the first step to building a solid business case. Without it, your chances or surviving the CFO's judgement call are low.


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