SSA#15: LinkedIn Prospecting Sequence

 LinkedIn Prospecting Sequence:

Happy Wednesday to 9,110 SaaS sales professionals!

This week I am sharing my exact LinkedIn Prospecting Sequence. It has helped me source $4M in pipeline and $2M in closed revenue as a BDR - 100% outbound during the pandemic.

Let's dive in👇

Yesterday's SaaS Sales Academy live training was all about LinkedIn Prospecting.

Step 1: Warm Up Leads

People buy from people who they know, like and trust.

Step 1 of Social Selling is to become known.

Part of that is to optimise your LinkedIn profile (see last week's issue LINK).

The other half is to engage with your prospects on social before you send a connection request. I like to call this "soft touches".

Soft touches are meaningful contributions, such as likes and comments. Perform them either

  1. Directly on their LinkedIn content
  2. indirectly on other people's content they have liked or commented.

Perform 3-5 soft touches. This will send a shockwave of notifications to your prospect's LinkedIn mobile app. This is how you become known.

Step 2: Connection Request

There's a debate as old as LinkedIn itself: personalise connection requests or nah?

The data is clear: blank connection requests outperform by 15%.

There's a few reasons for this:

  1. Most people send generic crap or pitch slap.
  2. Most messages seem salesy.
  3. Most messages seem creepy.

Plus, it takes time to craft a meaningful message.

Better: warm them up with soft touches. Let your headshot and headline speak for itself. Now you see why LinkedIn profile optimization is so important?

A strong LinkedIn profile speaks for itself.

Step 3: Thank you & Opener

The number 1 mistake I see on LinkedIn: pitch on the first message.

Imagine how you would greet someone at an expo. Would you blurb out your pitch? Probably not.

You'd ask how they're doing. You'd lead with curiosity and empathy. You'd be human.

LI message rules: casual, personable and conversational.

Problem statement

Problems come before solutions.

First, establish that a problem exists. Otherwise your pitch will fall on deaf ears. Ask problem-related questions. Be curious and & assumptive.

Step 5: Acknowledge Objections

9 times out of 10 you will get an objection. Prospects want to protect their time, their money and their reputation.

It's important not to fight objections. This only creates more resistance.

Instead, acknowledge and appreciate the objection. Tell them "you're right". But then, peel one more layer of the onion. Look under the hood. Drill for pain (DFP). Repeat DFP up to 3 times.

Step 6: Value Prop + Book Meeting

If you can get a prospect to respond to you 3 times or more, you can book a meeting with them. Guaranteed.

Once you established a problem, insert yourself as the solution. Give social proof. Offer something of value. And package that into a meeting.

That's it! Now you have my full LinkedIn prospecting sequence.


  1. 3-5 Soft Touches (likes & comments)
  2. Blank connection request
  3. Thank you & opener
  4. Problem statement
  5. Drill for pain 3x
  6. Offer meeting

Add 25 LinkedIn prospect to this sequence every week and watch your pipeline explode.

Good luck out there!


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