SSA#14: LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

 👤 LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

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Happy Tuesday to 8,659 SaaS sales professionals!

This week's sales system is part 1 of a 2-part social selling series.

Today you will learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to convert more leads, meetings and pipeline from LinkedIn.


In yesterday's SaaS Sales Academy live call we optimised the LinkedIn profile of your members.


Why should I care about social selling?

Here's 5 stats why you should care:

  • 78% of sales reps who apply social selling outperform their peers.

  • 84% of C-level buyers use LinkedIn in their buying decisions.

  • 31% of social sellers report better client relationships.

  • 40% of social sellers have closed 2-5 deals via social.

  • Social selling can increase your deal size by 35%.

In other words: social selling helps you 1) build more pipeline and 2) close (larger) deals faster. Do I need to say more?


Your LinkedIn Profile Is A Billboard

This is what your LinkedIn profile can be for prospects who drive by.


Your social selling success will depend on 2 factors:

  1. How much your LinkedIn profile speaks to them

  2. The quality of your outreach messaging

Today we will focus on the first point


6 Steps To Optimise Your Profile For Conversion


Step 1: Headshot & Banner

This is the prime real estate of your profile. It's the first thing prospects see when they click on your profile.

  • Make sure your headshot is clean and professional. Use for a low-cost AI headshot (like mine).

  • Your banner should speak to your target buyers. Use a simple title + subtitle that tells your buyers about the outcome you can achieve for them.


My banner speaks to the desires of my target prospects.


Step 2: Headline

This is what prospects see right next to your name any time you post something or engage on their content.

  • Most sellers use (title)@(company). That's boring and not very attention grabbing.
  • I like this formula: I help ((target buyers)) ((achieve this outcome/result)) without ((this negative thing)). Instead of yet-another-sales rep, you position yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • Keep it short: prospects can only see the first 42 characters can on mobile (68 on desktop).

Notice how I maximise the first 42 characters? Then I give more context who I help, how I help them and the bad thing to avoid.


Step 3: Custom Button

What do you want prospects to do when they go on your profile?

  • Should they book a call with you?
  • Should they sign up for your event?
  • Should they start a free 30 day trial?

Whatever it is, don't assume they know it. TELL THEM.

No better way than doing that with a custom link. It sits right below your headshot and banner.

I am very clear about what I want my target prospects to do.


Step 4: Featured Section

Same idea, except you have a lot more SPACE than with the custom button. What do you want your prospects to do?

  • Limit yourself to 3 call to action steps. Better 2. Best would be 1.
  • Use a 1920x1080 thumbnail. You can create it on Canva.

Use a title, and leave the description BLANK. If you do that, the thumbnail will link with 1 click, otherwise 2 clicks needed. (These small details matter!)

I'm making it easy for profile visitors to execute the right step I want for them.

Step 5: About Section

Most people talk about their pet and favorite football team. Don't be that person.

You have 2600 characters here, so use it! This is the perfect place for a classic sales letter.

I recommend the following formula (credit to Sam Browne): COSTAR.

  • Curiosity: get their attention with 1-2 catchy lines.
  • Obstacle: describe what keeps them from succeeding
  • Story solution: this is about social proof
  • Triple testimonial: your 3 best customer references
  • Articulate the offer: your product/service value proposition
  • Request:  your call to action! what should the prospect do now?!

Have a look at my example.

Step 6: Experience Section

Are you looking for a new job right now? If so, you wanna attract to potential hiring managers.

But if NOT, the only people you should attract is target buyers.

Design your experience section accordingly. Make it a marketing pitch, not a CV. Guide them to your website or a valuable asset.

Bonus Tip: Get Client Recommendations

Your manager & peers will give you a LinkedIn recommendation. ANYONE can do that (unless you got fired for harassment).

But what's 100x more powerful is recommendations from CLIENTS.

This sends a strong signal to your target buyers: you are competent and credible.

Homework: ask your 10 best clients for a recommendation, and offer to return the favor. I'm sure 2 or 3 of them will do it!

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